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  • Stage 1 – Soft Charge
When the batteries are discharged below 10VDC, the controller will softly ramp the battery voltage up to 10VDC before applying the full bulk.

Stage 2 – Bulk Charge
Maximum charge current from solar panels until the batteries rise to the absorption voltage. 

Stage 3 – Absorption Charge
Battery voltage is maintained at a constant voltage using PWM technology to finish charging the batteries to a 100% of charge.

Stage 4 – Battery Equalization Charge
Battery Equalization is only available for (WET) flooded led acid battery.  When the battery voltage has dropped below 12.0VDC the controller will automatically run the equalization stage to bring the internal cells of the batteries to an equal state and reverse the loss of capacity to being discharged below 12.0VDC once every 28 days.

Stage 5 – Float Charge
The Batteries are fully charged at this point and are maintained at a safe voltage level. During the float charge the controller is constantly adjusting its PWM control to adjust for varying solar charging currents and trailer loads to maintain a float voltage of 13.7VDC.

Stage 6 – Automatic Boost Charge
When the controller is in float charge and the trailer loads are greater than the solar charging current and the battery voltage is pulled below 13VDC, the controller will set an auto boost flag and when loads are reduced, it will perform a bulk/absorption charge restoring the batteries to 100% and then return to the float charge.

SunExplorer III: 35 Amp Solar MPT/PWM Charge Controller and Display


Product Description

The SunExplorer III is a six stage, micro-processor based, Pulse Width Modulated (PWM), and Multi-Point Tracking (MPT), solar charge controller with a high quality brushed aluminum display in one unit.

The controller connects between the solar panels and 12VDC storage batteries to regulate charge. The SunExplorer III controller automatically charges your battery to 100% and keeps the battery in float stage. If your battery gets to low, it goes into Automatic Boost Mode keeping your batteries full and extending the life of your batteries by regulating the PWM rates, and disconnects the batteries at night to prevent discharge thru the solar panels. The SunExplorer III provides an automatic equalization stage for lead-acid (wet) batteries.

The SunExplorer III can handle up to 620 Watts but check the current rating on the solar panel because each manufacturer can be slightly different.

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SunExplorer III:

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